Oracle Side Markers (Clear/Smoked/Ghosted) | 2016-19 Camaro


Clear, Smoked, or Ghosted Painted to Match Side Markers. 2016+ Camaro


Clear Lenses are currently on BACK-ORDER. 

Be the first with these lights designed for the 2016-2019 Chevy Camaro, ORACLE Concept SMD Sidemarker lights are complete sidemarker replacements fitted with high powered 3528 Bridgelux LEDs that produce a laser-like appearance. Installation is easy! Just pop out the factory sidemarkers and connect the new ORACLE Concept Sidemarkers right into the stock connector for a “Plug and Play” installation!

Note* Order can take from 2-4 weeks processing time as they are custom-painted-to-order. Once paint process has started, order cannot be cancelled/refunded.

These Sidemarkers are C.A.D. developed for a factory fit and finish. Guaranteed perfect fitment! The seal is done with an ultrasonic weld, which insures there are no moisture issues ever with these sidemarkers.

Product Specs:
-Bridgelux 2835 SMD LED’s (Made in the U.S.A.)
-Direct Plug & Play
-5 Minute Install
-Produces a “Laser-Like” appearance
-Fits directly into stock sidemarker moldings, no further modification required.
-Will fit every 2016-2018 Chevy Camaro model.

Vehicle Fitment:

Package Includes:
-2 x Front SMD Sidemarker Replacements (Amber LED)
-2 x Rear SMD Sidemarker Replacements (Red LED)



9900-019 Clear – No Paint CLEAR
9900-020 Tinted – No Paint TINTED
9900-GCB-C Arctic Blue (GCB) CLEAR
9900-GBA-C Black (GBA) CLEAR
9900-G1M-C Blue Velvet Metallic (G1M) CLEAR
9900-G7D-C Bright Yellow (G7D) CLEAR
9900-G7E-C Garnet Red Tintcoat (G7E) CLEAR
9900-GD1-C Hyper Blue Metallic (GD1) CLEAR
9900-GB8-C Mosaic Black Metallic (GB8) CLEAR
9900-G7Q-C Nightfall Gray Metallic (G7Q) CLEAR
9900-G16-C Orange Crush(G16) CLEAR
9900-G7C-C Red Hot (G7C) CLEAR
9900-GKK-C Riverside Blue (GKK) CLEAR
9900-G9K-C Satin Steel Gray Metallic (G9K) CLEAR
9900-GJI-C Shadow Gray Metallic (GJI) CLEAR
9900-GAN-C Silver Ice Metallic (GAN) CLEAR
9900-WA445B-C Spitfire/Krypton Green (WA445B) CLEAR
9900-GCB-G Arctic Blue (GCB) GHOSTED
9900-GBA-G Black (GBA) GHOSTED
9900-G1M-G Blue Velvet Metallic (G1M) GHOSTED
9900-G7D-G Bright Yellow (G7D) GHOSTED
9900-G7E-G Garnet Red Tintcoat (G7E) GHOSTED
9900-GD1-G Hyper Blue Metallic (GD1) GHOSTED
9900-GB8-G Mosaic Black Metallic (GB8) GHOSTED
9900-G7Q-G Nightfall Gray Metallic (G7Q) GHOSTED
9900-G16-G Orange Crush(G16) GHOSTED
9900-G7C-G Red Hot (G7C) GHOSTED
9900-GKK-G Riverside Blue (GKK) GHOSTED
9900-G9K-G Satin Steel Gray Metallic (G9K) GHOSTED
9900-GJI-G Shadow Gray Metallic (GJI) GHOSTED
9900-GAN-G Silver Ice Metallic (GAN) GHOSTED
9900-WA445B-G Spitfire/Krypton Green (WA445B) GHOSTED
9900-GCB-T Arctic Blue (GCB) TINTED
9900-GBA-T Black (GBA) TINTED
9900-G1M-T Blue Velvet Metallic (G1M) TINTED
9900-G7D-T Bright Yellow (G7D) TINTED
9900-G7E-T Garnet Red Tintcoat (G7E) TINTED
9900-GD1-T Hyper Blue Metallic (GD1) TINTED
9900-GB8-T Mosaic Black Metallic (GB8) TINTED
9900-G7Q-T Nightfall Gray Metallic (G7Q) TINTED
9900-G16-T Orange Crush(G16) TINTED
9900-G7C-T Red Hot (G7C) TINTED
9900-GKK-T Riverside Blue (GKK) TINTED
9900-G9K-T Satin Steel Gray Metallic (G9K) TINTED
9900-GJI-T Shadow Gray Metallic (GJI) TINTED
9900-GAN-T Silver Ice Metallic (GAN) TINTED
9900-WA445B-T Spitfire/Krypton Green (WA445B) TINTED

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Clear, Smoked, Ghosted (Painted)


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